Koala In this picture, you can see arguably the laziest animal in the world. With a need to sleep of 21 hours a day, the koala is even more "lazy" than the sloth, which is why it is almost a rarity to see a specimen with open eyes like in this picture. The koala [...]

Sandhill Crane


Sandhill Crane On the grounds of the Kennedy Space Centre on the east coast of Florida not far from Orlando, I spotted in the summer of 2015 not only countless rockets but also this Sandhill Crane. As we have been told, the wildlife poses a unique challenge to the scientists there, because before each [...]

The Diving Dragon


The Diving Dragon Halong Bay (In English "Bay of the Diving Dragon") in the north of Vietnam is a picturesque place known for its emerald green waters and thousands of towering limestone islands. As this picture shows impressively, the otherwise so breath-taking bay also has another side. In this picture, the sky blurs with [...]

Red Dragonfly


Red Dragonfly In the hustle and bustle of everyday life we like to overlook the small, but often even more spectacular details. It took some time to get this dragonfly with its red-orange colour in front of the camera lens on a bench in the Everglades Florida’s but resulted eventually in a spectacular macro [...]

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