Terracotta Warriors


Terracotta Warriors The mausoleum Qin Shihuangdis, known for its terracotta warriors is often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world. Nowadays it has become a place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world but the sight of the over 2000-year-old warriors is still spectacular and worth visiting. This photo gives [...]

Suzhous Waterways


Suzhous Waterways Suzhou is often referred to as "Venice of China". Although there are some small but subtle differences between the two cities, there are also branched waterways and canals in Suzhou. In combination with the white houses, there are great sceneries like this one, which I captured at the beginning of 2018. [...]



Baozi Baozi are as indispensable to China as bread is to Germany. Similar dumplings filled with either meat or vegetables can by the way also be found under the name "Momo" in some parts of India. However, this picture was not taken by me in India, but in February 2018 in the Chinese city [...]

Chinese National Holiday at Tiananmen Square


Chinese National Holiday at Tiananmen Square Every year in October, tens of thousands of people gather on Tiananmen Square in Beijing for the Chinese National Holiday punctually at dawn. This picture shows the moment just before the Chinese flag is hoisted and thus the situation that every Chinese tries to capture with their smartphone.

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