Since I got my first camera in primary school, I have been active in photography. Initial curiosity quickly turned into interest, which later developed into a passion. Today, I am an enthusiastic hobby photographer and follow this passion especially during my travels and stays abroad. Most of my pictures show small details that would otherwise be overlooked in everyday life. It is no coincidence that it is all too often said that beauty lies not in the big picture but in the details. Photography provides me with the opportunity to depict small things big, but also to try out and experiment with something new. For this reason, I now also portray people and picture landscapes and buildings alike.


Please read the underneath displayed FAQ section carefully for information about the usage and distribution of my pictures. In case you have any further questions or want to either buy my pictures or use them for commercial purposes, please send me a message including the title of the picture you are referring to.

Can I purchase your pictures?2019-05-11T18:57:12+02:00

Yes, my photographs are for sale. For any purchase inquiries please contact me via the contact form.

Can I use your pictures for private purposes?2019-04-09T22:25:30+02:00

You may distribute my pictures online for non-commercial purposes. The prerequisite for distribution is that you create a backlink to my website and include the words “Alexander Maxelon Photography”.

Can I use your pictures for commercial purposes?2019-04-09T22:24:56+02:00

Unfortunately, my photographs may not be used or distributed for commercial purposes free of charge (this includes both printed and digital versions). To be allowed to use the pictures commercially, please contact me via the adjoining contact form.

What camera do you use?2019-04-09T22:24:26+02:00

For all my photographs I currently use the SLR camera with the model number EOS 600D from Canon.